Inflatable Rentals

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Bounce House Rental

Event Categories:
Candy House

Inflatable Bounce
Dimensions: 15 x 15*

Description: The classic inflatable bounce, great for any kids area, ages 10 & under.  Our safe, clean, and well-maintained inflatable bounce houses are the perfect addition to any fundraiser, festival or large event.

Bounce House Rentals – Battledome

Event Categories:
Battledome (Alt. View)

Safe Bounce House Rentals!

Inflatable Interactive
Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 18

Description:  Calling all sports fans and the sports minded!  This large inflated arena is every sports enthusiast dream come true!  Our Battledome is large enough for a rousing game of Dodgeball, competitive Soccer, Basketball, or Volleyball.  Battledome is large enough for adults and great as a kid’s play area!

Bounce House Rentals are Excellent for Fitness / Health & Wellness Events!

Bungee Run

Event Categories:
Bungee Run

Inflatable Interactive Bungee Run
Dimensions: 35 x 10 x 8

Description: You can run, but you won’t get far! Compete for distance with our Bungee Run by placing the baton on numbers marked before getting snapped back by the bungee cord.  Who will get the farthest? Player closest to the end wins.  Parties, Picnics & Promotions carries a solid reputation for providing businesses across Texas unparalleled service.


Foam Pit

Event Categories:
Red Foam Inflatable

Dimensions: 17 x 17

Description: Create an event no one will forget with an inflatable foam pit.  These foam pits are great for school events or summer company picnics.  Flop and frolic around in the foam with friends.  The inflatable pit keeps the foam contained and is perfect for people of all ages.  To learn about throwing a foam party, speak to our staff!


Giant Slides

Event Categories:
Giant Slide

Inflatable Slide

Description:  Slides are so much fun! Pull off the perfect event with one of our giant inflatable slides.  From the double lane slide, cowboy slide to the giant slide, these inflatable slides are sure to bring a smile to every face.


Human Foosball

Event Categories:
Corporate Event Team Building

Inflatable Interactive
Dimensions: 20 x 45 x 8

Description: Foosball comes to life with a life-sized foosball table with you as the player.  This version is a little more challenging and twice the amount of fun!  If you’re looking for a seriously fun way to amp up your company picnic, fundraiser or party, human foosball is the way to go.  Ten players, five to a team, attempt to score goals while attached to poles that go across the inflatable.  The player’s movements are hindered by the poles that only allow side to side movement, just like a foosball table.


Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

Event Categories:
Bounce House Obstacle Course

Bounce House Obstacle Course Rentals in San Antonio!

Gone are the days of ordinary bounce houses.  Today, bounce houses are designed to offer kids, teens, and adults exciting interactive fun.  Bounce house obstacle course inflatables is just what you need for a successful event.  Great for team building, fundraisers, and company picnics, we offer the latest inflatable bounce house obstacle courses in San Antonio.

Safe and Dependable Bounce House Obstacle Course Rentals!

Each bounce house obstacle course is kept well-maintained and is disinfected after each use.  For the highest level of service and party rental products, call about all our interactive bouncers- Extreme Adrenaline, Shuttle Run Bouncer, Lone Star Challenge, Shark Attack, Tricky Sticky to the Team Challenge, and many, many more.

Serving: Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, Terrell Hills, Castle Hills, Balcones Heights, Kirby, Lackland AFB, Leon Valley, Elm Creek, Shavano Park, Live Oak, Converse, Live Oak, Universal City, Austin, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, and Houston.

Inflated Slides

Event Categories:
Kiddie Double Slide

Kiddie Double Slide Dimensions 22 x 12 x 18
GI Slide Dimensions 24 x 8 x 13
Two Way Slide Dimensions: 32 x 12 x 16
Rainbow Slide Dimensions 25 x 12 x 18

Description: Who doesn’t like to slide down a giant inflated slide?  Whatever the occasion, there is no wrong time to slide down a slide.  From our themed GI slide, two way slide, rainbow slide to the kiddie slide, our brightly colored inflatable slides are great for all year round.  Call to inquire on renting one of our inflatables.  We will gladly assist you in finding the right inflatable slide to fit your event.

Interactive Games

Event Categories:
Bouncy Boxing

Interactive Inflatable Games


Laser Assault

Event Categories:
Laser Assault

Inflatable Interactive
Dimensions: 33 x 38 x 14

Description: Get ready for an otherworldly experience within a space themed inflatable ship.  The battle for Laser Tag supremacy takes place inside this giant inflated space ship. It is “every man for himself” as up to ten players duck and weave inside the maze shooting their opponents with Laser guns.  Perfect for the High school and college crowd.


Multi Ride Bull

Event Categories:
mechanical bull ride

Inflatable Interactive Ride
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 11

Description:  ”Straight outta the Wild West” -Gangster Wyatt Earp   Get ready for one adventurous ride!  Ladies and gentlemen, are you up for the 8 second challenge?  Hop onto the mechanical bull and see if you have what it takes to be a real rodeo cowboy or cowgirl.  Should you fall, a soft inflated bed is there to offer a safe, soft landing.

Play Systems

Event Categories:
Jump N Climb

Check out our variety of inflatable play systems that come in different themes and styles.   Magic and imagination come alive with the inflatable Merlins maze play system or explore deep undersea adventures with the sea dragon play system.  We provide access to a broad range of play systems – Jump N Climb, Merlins Maze, Sports Play System, Fire Station, Treasure Island, Haunted Castle, Wacky Shack, Sea Dragon.


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