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10 All Important Questions to Ask The Vendor – (event planning tips)

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Top 10 Event Planning Tips

We know planning a great event comes with its challenges.  We offer a few tricks of the trade so your event planning is absolutely successful.  Whether you’re in charge of planning a corporate event, fundraising event, or school function, you want a seamless event.  We’ve got some great event planning tips to keep in mind.

The All Important Questions….

1) What assistance/service is included or excluded in the costs?

You don’t want to be caught off guard the day of the event.  When you hire a vendor, make sure to get the full details of what is included in the service.   Do they deliver, setup, and take down?  Will they provide attendants?  Will they ensure venue space is equipped to accommodate party rentals?  Depending on type of vendor, do you need your own staff, generators, and other necessary equipment?   Although, most vendors are fully prepared, don’t assume anything, always ask.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

2) Fees, Fees, and More Fees?!

Event planning tip #2, ask about fees and possible hidden fees.  Are there overtime costs, will there be a delivery and setup fee? Will there be cleanup and breakdown costs? Service fees, gratuity fees, cancellation fees, oh my!  No worries, just ask and be sure to read the contract carefully.

3) Help, Please!

You booked the casino party, but what about trained casino dealers?  It’s important to find out if your party rental service comes fully equipped with a professional staff.

4)Who Says You Can’t Get Something for Free?

Learn the fine art of negotiation.  Ask about special rates, deals for non-profits, and if you’re holding a fundraiser, ask if certain services and products can be donated.  It never hurts to ask.

5) Hey, What’s Your Damage?

Some may not recall this once upon a time popular 1988 movie, Heathers, but it is important to discuss the vendor’s terms and conditions, do they have vendor insurance, how much is charged for damages and cleaning - again read over the contract carefully and ask questions.

6) Too Many Vendors Got You Frazzled?

If you plan on hiring several vendors for your big event, it may be wise to hire a reputable, full service event management company.  They know just the right people and how to get you what you need and want at the best prices.

7) Does Your Vendor Provide Excellent Customer Service?

A professional vendor will, listen to you, keep you in the loop, and promptly answer all questions.  Professional vendors know word of mouth means new clients and repeat clients.

8) Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Many times your vendor will stay with you from start till end, overseeing the entire process to ensure complete satisfaction, but it isn’t always the case.  It’s a smart question depending on the type of vendor.

9) What is Your Gut Telling You?

You may not own a crystal ball, but there are tell-tale signs that a vendor may not be right for you.  Visit their website, make sure they specialize and can customize to your event planning needs. Make sure the vendor has a contract stating their obligations, as well as your obligations.

Ladies and gentlemen…finally, we’ve come to #10 of event planning tips…

10) I’ve got 99 problems, but finding a trusted vendor ain’t one.  Choose a Trusted Vendor.

Although saving money is “Key”, make sure the vendor(s) has professional affiliations, experience, and a proven reputation you can verify (testimonials, references).  Hire the right people.

So, we’ve armed you with a few great event planning tips that are sure to keep event vendors on their toes…go forth, be curious, and plan a successful event!

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Alternative Event Ideas – Create a Cool Vibe with a ‘Barcade’ Themed Event

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Looking for fresh event ideas? We think outside the box so you don’t have to…

An alternative concept you don’t want to ignore!  Explore a new way to entertain the masses with a ‘Barcade’ themed event.  This unique theme offers up a relaxing and fun vibe that can only be found through beer pong, classic video arcade games, shuffle board, ping pong, pool, darts, air hockey, and other interactive games.

Barcade (bar + arcade) originally started in 2004 in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and quickly became a favorite hang-out spot. Who wouldn’t love the concept of classic games plus ice cold beers?  No doubt, I am mentioning it today, due to its originality and popularity.  If you’re looking for original event ideas that set the bar in the ‘coolness’ factor, well, this adult themed idea is a sure-fire way to impress your guests at your next casual, company event.

Unconventional Event Ideas…

Host a scavenger hunt, space theme, Steampunk theme, or an over the top fairy land theme. You can easily create an adventurous fitness or team building scavenger hunt by incorporating interactive games and obstacle courses that will challenge and engage.  Combine a Steampunk theme with a casino party.  A night of unique libations, dice rolling, card dealing, intellectual and lively exchange among peers, makes for a one-of-a-kind event. Whether you seek the understated and stunning or elegant and extravagant to the strange and whimsical, we offer entertainment that can easily bring your theme and event to life.  For more creative party and event ideas click here.


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Corporate Event Planning

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Corporate Event

Corporate Event Planning and Party Rentals in San Antonio!

What will your corporate event say about you?  A well-planned and organized company party or event says a lot about your business.  When thoughtfully planned, your event can successfully connect clients or employees and build positive interaction and trust. Whether your goal is to attract new clients, thank current clients, promote a new brand, raise money, or to reach a target audience, we can help you reach your event objective and goals.  Offering over 20 years of experience, we offer full-service event management.

Keep guests or clients happy and engaged with the latest corporate event planning ideas.  Whatever the occasion, our corporate event planning is customized your way. From the venue, decor, tents, tables, chairs, catering, to the margarita machine, karaoke machine rental, live music,and party game rentals, we take pride in offering  creative corporate event planning solutions that are festive and unique.

We do incredible corporate event planning in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Looking for the latest trends in corporate event planning? Show the planet a little love and ‘Go Green’ with Green corporate event planning!  Click here to check out our blog site that offers incredible Green event planning tips and ideas!  We can easily assist with creating spaces that will amaze your guests or clients.  Add a few tented booths, photo booth, DJ or Karaoke machine,  interactive games and your Green corporate event is sure to be an absolute success.  We can also assist you with hiring a caterer to serve local, organic dishes that taste incredible.

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