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10 All Important Questions to Ask The Vendor – (event planning tips)

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Top 10 Event Planning Tips

We know planning a great event comes with its challenges.  We offer a few tricks of the trade so your event planning is absolutely successful.  Whether you’re in charge of planning a corporate event, fundraising event, or school function, you want a seamless event.  We’ve got some great event planning tips to keep in mind.

The All Important Questions….

1) What assistance/service is included or excluded in the costs?

You don’t want to be caught off guard the day of the event.  When you hire a vendor, make sure to get the full details of what is included in the service.   Do they deliver, setup, and take down?  Will they provide attendants?  Will they ensure venue space is equipped to accommodate party rentals?  Depending on type of vendor, do you need your own staff, generators, and other necessary equipment?   Although, most vendors are fully prepared, don’t assume anything, always ask.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

2) Fees, Fees, and More Fees?!

Event planning tip #2, ask about fees and possible hidden fees.  Are there overtime costs, will there be a delivery and setup fee? Will there be cleanup and breakdown costs? Service fees, gratuity fees, cancellation fees, oh my!  No worries, just ask and be sure to read the contract carefully.

3) Help, Please!

You booked the casino party, but what about trained casino dealers?  It’s important to find out if your party rental service comes fully equipped with a professional staff.

4)Who Says You Can’t Get Something for Free?

Learn the fine art of negotiation.  Ask about special rates, deals for non-profits, and if you’re holding a fundraiser, ask if certain services and products can be donated.  It never hurts to ask.

5) Hey, What’s Your Damage?

Some may not recall this once upon a time popular 1988 movie, Heathers, but it is important to discuss the vendor’s terms and conditions, do they have vendor insurance, how much is charged for damages and cleaning - again read over the contract carefully and ask questions.

6) Too Many Vendors Got You Frazzled?

If you plan on hiring several vendors for your big event, it may be wise to hire a reputable, full service event management company.  They know just the right people and how to get you what you need and want at the best prices.

7) Does Your Vendor Provide Excellent Customer Service?

A professional vendor will, listen to you, keep you in the loop, and promptly answer all questions.  Professional vendors know word of mouth means new clients and repeat clients.

8) Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Many times your vendor will stay with you from start till end, overseeing the entire process to ensure complete satisfaction, but it isn’t always the case.  It’s a smart question depending on the type of vendor.

9) What is Your Gut Telling You?

You may not own a crystal ball, but there are tell-tale signs that a vendor may not be right for you.  Visit their website, make sure they specialize and can customize to your event planning needs. Make sure the vendor has a contract stating their obligations, as well as your obligations.

Ladies and gentlemen…finally, we’ve come to #10 of event planning tips…

10) I’ve got 99 problems, but finding a trusted vendor ain’t one.  Choose a Trusted Vendor.

Although saving money is “Key”, make sure the vendor(s) has professional affiliations, experience, and a proven reputation you can verify (testimonials, references).  Hire the right people.

So, we’ve armed you with a few great event planning tips that are sure to keep event vendors on their toes…go forth, be curious, and plan a successful event!

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Alternative Event Ideas – Create a Cool Vibe with a ‘Barcade’ Themed Event

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Looking for fresh event ideas? We think outside the box so you don’t have to…

An alternative concept you don’t want to ignore!  Explore a new way to entertain the masses with a ‘Barcade’ themed event.  This unique theme offers up a relaxing and fun vibe that can only be found through beer pong, classic video arcade games, shuffle board, ping pong, pool, darts, air hockey, and other interactive games.

Barcade (bar + arcade) originally started in 2004 in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and quickly became a favorite hang-out spot. Who wouldn’t love the concept of classic games plus ice cold beers?  No doubt, I am mentioning it today, due to its originality and popularity.  If you’re looking for original event ideas that set the bar in the ‘coolness’ factor, well, this adult themed idea is a sure-fire way to impress your guests at your next casual, company event.

Unconventional Event Ideas…

Host a scavenger hunt, space theme, Steampunk theme, or an over the top fairy land theme. You can easily create an adventurous fitness or team building scavenger hunt by incorporating interactive games and obstacle courses that will challenge and engage.  Combine a Steampunk theme with a casino party.  A night of unique libations, dice rolling, card dealing, intellectual and lively exchange among peers, makes for a one-of-a-kind event. Whether you seek the understated and stunning or elegant and extravagant to the strange and whimsical, we offer entertainment that can easily bring your theme and event to life.  For more creative party and event ideas click here.


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Convention Event Planning

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convention event planning

Convention Event Planning in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Surrounding Areas!

Holding a convention, trade show or conference is a unique opportunity to showcase a product, idea and brand, but how do you set yourself apart from the rest?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to attracting the most people to your conference, trade show and convention.  It all starts with exciting, engaging and creative entertainment that will provide the ultimate experience.  From a broad range of live entertainment and interactive activities, we can help make your event a complete success.

Need distinctive convention event planning ideas?

Live Event Entertainment

Generate leads and drive traffic with a successful event.  Music, live entertainment, and interactive entertainment are all great ways to draw in large crowds.  You can easily convey your message through entertainment.   A few fun, live entertainment ideas would be to add live music, dancers, belly dancers, Hawaiian dancers, magician, dueling pianos, impersonators, jugglers, cover bands, or even a fortune teller.  Whatever type of live entertainment your event calls for, we can assist you in finding the perfect entertainment.

 Interactive Entertainment

Incorporate exciting interactive games to your convention event planning! Interactive entertainment is one of the best ways to get people having a great time in no time. We have a great list of interactive games for rent.  Rent out the mechanical bull ride, multi-ride, gyro, zorb balls,  laser shot games, electronic darts, strength competition, and other cool interactive games!  Not sure what best fits your event needs?  Click here to take a peek at our event ideas OR just call our professional event specialists.  To ensure your convention event planning goes without a hitch, trust us with event management. We go out of our way to ensure your important event is a complete success.


*Stay tuned for more tips and tricks of the event planning trade.  From the top 10 things to ask your event vendor to affordable event planning, we want to be your top to-go-to source for party rentals, entertainment and helpful, trusted advice.





Corporate Event Planning

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Corporate Event

Corporate Event Planning and Party Rentals in San Antonio!

What will your corporate event say about you?  A well-planned and organized company party or event says a lot about your business.  When thoughtfully planned, your event can successfully connect clients or employees and build positive interaction and trust. Whether your goal is to attract new clients, thank current clients, promote a new brand, raise money, or to reach a target audience, we can help you reach your event objective and goals.  Offering over 20 years of experience, we offer full-service event management.

Keep guests or clients happy and engaged with the latest corporate event planning ideas.  Whatever the occasion, our corporate event planning is customized your way. From the venue, decor, tents, tables, chairs, catering, to the margarita machine, karaoke machine rental, live music,and party game rentals, we take pride in offering  creative corporate event planning solutions that are festive and unique.

We do incredible corporate event planning in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Looking for the latest trends in corporate event planning? Show the planet a little love and ‘Go Green’ with Green corporate event planning!  Click here to check out our blog site that offers incredible Green event planning tips and ideas!  We can easily assist with creating spaces that will amaze your guests or clients.  Add a few tented booths, photo booth, DJ or Karaoke machine,  interactive games and your Green corporate event is sure to be an absolute success.  We can also assist you with hiring a caterer to serve local, organic dishes that taste incredible.

Event Entertainment Ideas in San Antonio

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Saloon Girls for event entertainment ideas

Event Entertainment Ideas That Fit Your Unique Needs

Find best event entertainment ideas for your Corporate Events, Fundraisers, School unctions, Carnivals, Festivals, Trade Shows, and More!

Need creative and affordable event entertainment ideas?

Planning a incredible corporate event or company function means creating the right atmosphere for your employees and guests.   This means having the best live entertainment.  It can sort of be daunting when searching for the right event entertainment ideas.  Thankfully, you have pros standing by your side!  We offer up great affordable live event entertainment that easily fits into your budget and theme. Need event ideas?  No problem; we can provide you with creative, inspiring event entertainment ideas.

Give us a call for the best event entertainment ideas and party rentals in Texas!

Make a lasting first impression with creative and original entertainment.  Create wonder and amazement with a carnival midway or add a Vegas feel with a casino night.  Did you know that you can greatly boost attendance and profits by just simply adding a few interesting items to your event?  It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money to throw an amazing party.  You just need the right event entertainment ideas and a reputable rental management company by your side.  This is where we come in!  We carry over two decades and have assisted numerous of businesses in San Antonio and across Texas!  WE KNOW HOW TO THROW A GREAT PARTY!

Interactive Event Entertainment Ideas in San Antonio

Give your guests an interactive experience with cool interactive inflatables such as Human Foosball, Water Tag, Inflatable Rock Climb.  Don’t forget the music! Add in a karaoke machine or DJ.  There are endless event entertainment ideas that will leave a lasting impression.  We understand the ins-and-outs of corporate entertainment planning.  From offering you high quality rental equipment, locating the venue, to ensuring the necessary permits are met and assisting you throughout the event, we are your complete source for party rental and event management.

Questions on our products and services?  Give us a call; we will gladly assist you in every way possible.  Need unique event entertainment ideas?  Take a peek at our Pinterest and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!  We are always offering the latest trends in event entertainment!

When it comes to getting the best event entertainment ideas, trust the pros!  We carry over two decades of party rental and event planning!

We know how to throw a great party!  We offer over two decades in the party rentals and party planning industry!  We carry a proven track record of delivering superior service.

Event Planning Tips and Ideas

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Event Planning Tips and Ideas

What Experience Are You Giving Your Guests?

Follow these helpful event planning tips and ideas. Whether your goal is to raise money, bring employees together, or it’s to boost traffic at your conference / trade show, planning an event that offers an incredible experience is the ultimate goal of hosting any event. What experience are you giving your guests or potential clients?

Building excitement is only half the battle of planning a successful event. After you have gathered a team of trusted pros, targeted a specific audience, created a solid marketing plan (need event marketing ideas? Here is a great article by BizBash), it’s time to determine the type of entertainment you want to offer your guests. The location, décor, entertainment, food, and drinks will be the main focus, no matter what type of event you are planning.

About five years ago I attended a large, extravagant gathering that is still talked about today among my circle of friends. The party was centered on an upscale circus / carnival theme, which featured fire dancers, a fortune teller, card reader, a live show, music, free drinks, and amazing food. Great entertainment goes a very long way in creating a memorable event. You don’t have to have a large budget in order to create an amazing event that will be talked about for years to come.  When planning your event, it’s smart to stick to the five senses.

Visual Appeal – This can easily be created through vibrant colors, and lighting.

Sound – This can be achieve through music. Hiring a band, DJ, or playing music centered on your theme is a great idea.

Smells – Smell seems to be a strange focus, but smell is very important, and often overlooked. Create the right aroma through scented candles, delicious food, or aromatherapy.

Taste- Taste is achieved by serving up delicious flavors all can enjoy.

Feeling – This sense does not have to be touch, but an internal emotion based on feeling. This is built on the lively entertainment and unique theme of an event to create a feeling of fun, happiness, and excitement.

Offering full service event management, Parties, Picnics & Promotions can easily assist you in planning your next large event. Through endless entertainment solutions and our vendor partnerships, we can provide your business professional party planning that will provide an experience of a lifetime. Contact us today for full service event planning, entertainment, or just browse our news area for great event planning ideas and tips! Amazing events don’t just happen, they are planned.


Fundraising Ideas in San Antonio

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Food Booths

Generate buzz around your next event with easy, smart fundraising ideas for San Antonio!

Set the trend with creative, original fundraising ideas. Here we have a few great ideas for your school, sports team, church or non-profit organization

School & Team Fundraising Ideas:

There are a lot of great ways to raise money for your school or team.  Get the most of your event with a few simple fundraising ideas.  Hold a raffle and just add  plenty of  interactive games and concession food.  Creating a fun family-friendly atmosphere is “key” to drawing in crowds.  Promote, promote, and promote, need we stress that spreading the word is essential for any event to be successful.   Provide the right entertainment with our unique party rental packages.  We carry something for everyone.

For more fundraising ideas in San Antonio, visit our Facebook and G+ page!

Host a fun movie night at the school!  Add on a few concession stands like our popcorn machine, pretzel warmer, and cotton candy machine to your movie night.  We provide fun, affordable fundraising ideas at Pinterest!

More Fundraising Ideas:

You are cordially invited to a fun filled casino night with raffle, silent auction,  hors d’oeuvres and drinks!  A casino night party is the perfect way to raise money for your cause and have fun at the same time! Ask us about live entertainment, DJ, catering, professional casino tables and trained casino dealers!  We do it all!

A carnival midway theme is always a favorite fundraising idea!  With carnival booths, carnival rides, interactive inflatables, games with prizes, and carnival foods (hot dogs, burgers, nachos, popcorn, cotton candy), you can’t go wrong!

Throw a summer water party while raising money for your school!  Sell tickets to your event and raise a lot of money!  Interactive water slides, water tag, and the foam pit are the perfect addition to any summer party event!  Our professional staff can easily put together a package for you.  Get more unique fundraising ideas by visiting our product page.  We provide more than just fundraising ideas, we can assist in the entire event planning.

Helpful tip when planning a fundraiser: Always make sure your event has enough volunteers.  It’s the small and big details that matter.


Multi Ride Surfboard

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Multi Ride Surfboard

Multi Ride Surboard

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 11

Description:  Surfs up!  See how long you can Hang Ten riding this surfboard.  The unit has an inflatable, complete with Palm Trees, for a soft landing for Wipe outs.  The multi ride surfboard is able to function as a surfboard and a mechanical bull.  Interactive inflatables are a great way to get your guests moving and having fun!

Party Rentals in San Antonio!

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party rentals, inflatable rental, event entertainment

Party Rentals in San Antonio!  Celebrate big and spend smartly

Effective, Seamless Event Planning…

Events can become disastrous if not planned and organized properly.  Finding a reputable entertainment and full service party rentals company will ensure a successful event.


Parties, Picnics & Promotions is a full service party rental and event management company located in San Antonio.  Established over 20 years ago, we have become the trusted choice for party rentals and more.  We carry a wide-ranging selection of high quality products and partner with amazing vendors.  The goal is to provide affordable entertainment solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Whether your objective is to raise money for a fundraiser or provide entertainment for a community festival, we provide comprehensive turn-key  party rentals and entertainment services for all events.

What are the benefits of doing business with Parties Picnics & Promotions?

PPP works around your time, event, and budget.  Depending on party rental and equipment needs, PPP offers customizable rental packages, on-time delivery, site set-up, dismantling, and will oversee the entire event, as well as obtain the proper permits and follow specified regulations.  Party rentals and services include: interactive games, mechanical rides, concession stands, tents, live entertainment, food, tables, chairs, and generators.  We are capable of locating the venue and providing decor for any type of special event or large function.  Party rentals and entertainment services are able to cater to any type of theme or company need.

For example, if a client wants to host a casino night fundraiser, our party rentals could feature:


1)       Professional Set-up – On-time service that is fast, reliable and safe.

2)      Distinctive Entertainment and Design – Professional casino tables, variety of slot machines, token coins, and any other type of casino gaming can be provided. The area can be set up to mimic Las Vegas with casino themed decor and trained dealers that can even teach guests how to play.

3)      Alternative Interactive Gaming – We can add additional party rentals such as live entertainment, live music, pool tables, or other exciting features to promote your fundraising event.

4)      Quality Catering – A simple menu design with party food and drink can be created for your event.

5)      Site Takedown – We will quickly and safely disassemble the entire setup.

Other competitors can’t compete when it comes to providing full service party rentals and event management.  From providing the latest trends in party rentals to saving you money, we can assist you in achieving the positive impact and results you seek.   Parties, Picnics & Promotions has built a solid reputation as being the trusted choice within the event planning industry.  Our clients include: University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio College, SAPD, CASA, YMCA, Our Lady of the Lake University, Cowboys Dance Hall (Cowboy Breakfast), and many other prestigious organizations and businesses.  View our wonderful partners.

Our party rentals warehouse offers a huge inventory of interactive games, inflatable bounce houses, interactive inflatables, slide combinations, professional pool tables, and so much more!

We create party rentals customization’s designed to fit your party needs!


The idea is to simplify the party planning process.  Our experienced and professional staff brings extensive event planning knowledge to the table as well as incredible customer service. You can expect nothing less than ‘amazing’ from our team of professionals.  To get a quote on party rentals, entertainment and event management, please email:  sales@partiespicnics.com or give us a call at: (210) 494-0090.  Don’t forget to connect with and Like us on Facebook!


 We provide the best party rentals in town!

Rent Mechanical Bull Ride

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Bull Ride Corporate

Mechanical Bull Ride Serving South Texas!

Description:  Along with renting one of our jump houses, why not add more fun to your company picnic or corporate event with this Western roundup.  Ride the mechanical bull, rodeo roper OR check out who is the fastest draw in the south with fast draw showdown.   When you need reliable corporate event entertainment assistance, give our full-service party planning company a call today.  We can even assist you in locating the right venue!

Call for your quote on the mechanical bull ride!

If you’re holding an important event, impressing the clients is essential!  Unique ideas don’t always come easy, especially if you’re already busy with marketing and budgeting.  We offer creative live event entertainment, food catering, supplies, and we can even locate the venue.

The mechanical bull ride rental has always been a favorite.  Why?  Simple. The mechanical bull ride is pure fun!  The mechanical bull has always been a crowd-pleaser at themed events for night clubs, company events, school events, trade shows and more. While there are many mechanical bull ride vendors out there, choosing a professional party rental company is a MUST!! Before you rent out the mechanical bull ride make sure the company you choose is in compliance with state law.  We take your safety seriously; get the safest bull ride in town!

Rent the mechanical bull ride in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and surrounding areas. We serve all of Texas!


Team Building Activities

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team building activities

Connect with your employees and students!

Why are team building activities so important? 

Team building activities are important in the workplace and school.  Aside from fostering motivation, fun, and overall camaraderie, it provides leadership skills and positive communication.  If you’re putting together team building activities, there are many outstanding activities to incorporate, such as trust exercises, communication exercises, and problem solving activities.  Motivate your employees with amazing team building activities that are fun and affordable.  We carry the widest selection of interactive group games that are fun for everyone. Take a peek at a few team building ideas, just click here!

Need team building activity ideas?  

Just to a name a few…

 Game Trivia adds a light and fun quality of competition while allowing everyone to gather together.

Who had a hit in 1960 for Stairway to Heaven?  Tick, Tock the clock is ticking!  We offer a variety of popular game show trivia games to choose for your team building event!

Ski Walkers is one popular team building activity where a group of 4 people on 1 pair of skis have to work as one unit without touching the ground.

Human Foosball is a favorite out of our many team building activities.  Foosball comes to life with a life-sized Foosball table with you as a player!  The life sized version is a little bit more challenging and trickier, but twice the amount of fun!

Ladder Climb is a cool inflatable interactive that is great for team building and for entertainment event ideas.  Guests work their way up the ladder.  This interactive game is seemingly simple, but don’t let looks fool you!  It’s not that simple!

Bungee Run is fun for team building, fitness events, school events and company picnics.  You can run, but…you won’t get far!  Great for adding laughs and a little friendly competition to any event.  Two racers are side by side, seeing who can get the farthest.

 Need more team building activities?  No problem!

Contact our office at: (210) 494-0090 or e-mail: sales @ partiespicnics.com!  We will gladly put together a interactive package just for your event.

We Provide Professional Corporate Event Service

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company events

Corporate Event Service with the best in the industry – Parties, Picnics & Promotions!

Are you in need of professional corporate event service?

Finding the right event rental company is “Key” to getting the best results.  Whether you seek complete rental management or you just need to rent out several interactive games and inflatables, you need a corporate event service company you can trust at all times!  Planning a stressful event sits at the top of the list as being a’ major stress-or’.  Keep stress at bay with our professional corporate event service.

What makes PPP the preferred choice?  

One never understands the importance of professional corporate event service, until the moment things don’t go as exactly as planned.  A great event management company will ensure every detail is met.  A professional understands the importance of detail and time.  Not only will we provide you with superior event service, but save you time, hassle, and stress.

Our staff offers their expertise.  From fast, reliable delivery, complete setup, take down, and everything else in-between, we are the trusted corporate event service company in San Antonio! Let our years of experience in corporate events work in your favor!

Not only do we provide you and your company outstanding corporate event service, we’ve got nifty party ideas for you to work with as well!  Whether you are in need of corporate event service for corporate parties, conventions, company picnic or for a trade show, we do it all.  For in-depth information on product price and services offered, call (210) 494-0090 for a quote today!

Simplify your event planning and head on over to our Idea Board by clicking here!  We are always posting fun party ideas.

Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!  We look forward to assisting you with your entire event service needs!

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