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Why are team building activities so important? 

Team building activities are important in the workplace and school.  Aside from fostering motivation, fun, and overall camaraderie, it provides leadership skills and positive communication.  If you’re putting together team building activities, there are many outstanding activities to incorporate, such as trust exercises, communication exercises, and problem solving activities.  Motivate your employees with amazing team building activities that are fun and affordable.  We carry the widest selection of interactive group games that are fun for everyone. Take a peek at a few team building ideas, just click here!

Need team building activity ideas?  

Just to a name a few…

 Game Trivia adds a light and fun quality of competition while allowing everyone to gather together.

Who had a hit in 1960 for Stairway to Heaven?  Tick, Tock the clock is ticking!  We offer a variety of popular game show trivia games to choose for your team building event!

Ski Walkers is one popular team building activity where a group of 4 people on 1 pair of skis have to work as one unit without touching the ground.

Human Foosball is a favorite out of our many team building activities.  Foosball comes to life with a life-sized Foosball table with you as a player!  The life sized version is a little bit more challenging and trickier, but twice the amount of fun!

Ladder Climb is a cool inflatable interactive that is great for team building and for entertainment event ideas.  Guests work their way up the ladder.  This interactive game is seemingly simple, but don’t let looks fool you!  It’s not that simple!

Bungee Run is fun for team building, fitness events, school events and company picnics.  You can run, but…you won’t get far!  Great for adding laughs and a little friendly competition to any event.  Two racers are side by side, seeing who can get the farthest.

 Need more team building activities?  No problem!

Contact our office at: (210) 494-0090 or e-mail: sales @!  We will gladly put together a interactive package just for your event.

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