A Full Service Rental and Event Management Company
Serving Texas For Over 20 Years

A Full Service Rental and Event Management Company
Serving Texas For Over 20 Years


Coming up with new and creative event planning ideas and solutions isnâ™t always easy. Parties Picnics & Promotions provides a wealth of ideas for you to choose and customize to fit your large events. Create a fancy carnival circus inspired theme by adding carnival booths with unique prizes, add carnival rides, exotic acrobats and vertical dancers, or take traditional carnival foods and incorporate elegance. For more info carnival inspired fare check out our Facebook post on BizBash, they offer truly unique ideas.

Bring Hawaii to your guests with a Hawaiian Luau themed event! Hire Luau dancers, serve Hawaiian foods, and add fun interactive games with our huge inventory of games and rides. Let us put together the perfect event with our full event management service. We offer great party packages to fit every event. Whether you seek a casino night, carnival inspired theme, or you need team building games and activities, we offer the most creative event planning ideas and solutions to fit every event!

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Follow these helpful event planning tips and ideas. Whether your goal is to raise money, bring employees together, or itâ™s to boost traffic at your conference / trade show, planning an event that offers an incredible experience is the ultimate goal of hosting any event. What experience are you giving your guests or potential clients?

Building excitement is only half the battle of planning a successful event. After you have gathered a team of trusted pros, targeted a specific audience, created a solid marketing plan (need event marketing ideas? Itâ™s time to determine the type of entertainment you want to offer your guests. The location, décor, entertainment, food, and drinks will be the main focus, no matter what type of event you are planning.

About five years ago I attended a large, extravagant gathering that is still talked about today among my circle of friends. The party was centered on an upscale circus / carnival theme, which featured fire dancers, a fortune teller, card reader, a live show, music, free drinks, and amazing food. Great entertainment goes a very long way in creating a memorable event. You donâ™t have to have a large budget in order to create an amazing event that will be talked about for years to come. When planning your event, itâ™s smart to stick to the five senses.

Visual Appeal â“ This can easily be created through vibrant colors, and lighting.

Sound â“ This can be achieve through music. Hiring a band, DJ, or playing music centered on your theme is a great idea.

Smells â“ Smell seems to be a strange focus, but smell is very important, and often overlooked. Create the right aroma through scented candles, delicious food, or aromatherapy.

Taste - Taste is achieved by serving up delicious flavors all can enjoy.

Feeling â“ This sense does not have to be touch, but an internal emotion based on feeling. This is built on the lively entertainment and unique theme of an event to create a feeling of fun, happiness, and excitement.

Offering full service event management, Parties, Picnics & Promotions can easily assist you in planning your next large event. Through endless entertainment solutions and our vendor partnerships, we can provide your business professional party planning that will provide an experience of a lifetime. Contact us today for full service event planning, entertainment, or just browse our website for great event planning ideas and tips! Amazing events donâ™t just happen, they are planned.